How to Recycle Motor Oil and Filters


If you’ve just changed your oil yourself without paying someone else to do it, be proud! You saved money! You aren’t some chump that has to pay other people to do your work! Now, what are you going to do with that oil and the used filter, might I ask? Dumping it in the back garden and putting a little dirt over it won’t work. You’ll kill the flowers. It’s not very tidy or legal. We have a better idea. Let’s recycle it! Hiring a waste disposal service won’t help you are they are not allowed to dispose of toxic waste. You need a specialized service.

Used motor oil can be refined and used again. There’s no need to kill the lilies in the back garden. Pouring it down the drain can cause clogs and that is also a legal issue as well. In the UK, you can put your old oil into a sealed container and take it to an oil bank. In the United States, places like O’Reilly Auto Parts will recycle your old oil and your filter.

So, it’s just a matter of collecting the oil in a container and collecting the filter properly as well. Make sure the container is clean of any major contaminants. Oil that has been mixed with a solvent is not as recyclable. Consider using an old plastic cola bottle for the oil. Simply use your funnel to get the oil into the narrow top of the bottle and you’re all set. That way you aren’t damaging a useful container and you aren’t mixing the oil with anything that might make it less reusable.

If you are thinking of running your own business you have more options. There are specialized rubbish disposal companies that will come and collect the oil and filters for you. They prefer to deal with large quantities of oil so it will need to be kept in larger containers. The way you store oil will have to be in accord with health and safety regulations.

No more oil in the drain or back gardens. It certainly doesn’t belong n the trash. That’s illegal now almost everywhere. Thankfully, there are places to take your oil to recycle it. Another plus to recycling it is that you can use a container that you would probably be throwing into the recycling anyway. Recycled motor oil will be processed possibly and made into combustible fuels or even used as regular oil again. Since oil is a non-renewable resource, recycling it is one way to keep oil prices down and keep a steady supply. Keep in mind that responsible rubbish removal is essential to keeping nature clean. Happy Recycling!