How to Recycle Motor Oil and Filters


If you’ve just changed your oil yourself without paying someone else to do it, be proud! You saved money! You aren’t some chump that has to pay other people to do your work! Now, what are you going to do with that oil and the used filter, might I ask? Dumping it in the back garden and putting a little dirt over it won’t work. You’ll kill the flowers. It’s not very tidy or legal. We have a better idea. Let’s recycle it! Hiring a waste disposal service won’t help you are they are not allowed to dispose of toxic waste. You need a specialized service.

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At Farringdon we recognise it’s a big leap from one or two track days to starting up in motorsport. That’s why our start racing program supports you all the way through this process.
Experience is the key to success, and whilst you may have none, our instructors have plenty.

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Farringdon Motorsport’s driver coaching & race car hire is tailored to you the customer. No groups, no agendas, just 1-2-1 coaching, focused on your requirements. Our instructors come from all motor racing backgrounds, Formula cars, GT’s, Nascar and historic/classic racing. Hence, we are able to adapt our coaching and advice to your chosen discipline. Continue reading “DRIVER COACHING”